Roofing contractors are not all the same. You will find many roofers who use the same products, but many don’t have the same experience and values. You need a contractor who is going to install your new roof right the first time, and who will stand by their work after the job.
Central Pennsylvania Roofing Experts

We install and repair metal and shingle roofs

We can install or repair your shingle or metal roof. We are expert roofers and only use the highest quality materials to ensure you get an attractive, long-lasting roof.

Contact us today to get started on repairing or replacing your roof to start enjoying a new look, lower utility bills, and a reduced risk of water damage or worse.

Why is a good roof so important?

There are a lot of reasons keeping a good roof on your house is important. Here are three reasons that really stand out.
It adds value to your home

The right roof can improve your home’s curb appeal which is a major factor in home value. If your roof is in poor repair it may give the impression that your home hasn’t been well maintained overall.  If your roof is well maintained, potential buyers are more likely to assume the rest of the house has also been kept in good repair.

It can lower your utility bills

If your roof is sound, well ventilated, and properly insulated, it is far easier to maintain temperature and humidity in your home.  You will be able to keep your thermostat set lower in the winter and higher in the summer since you won’t be losing already conditioned air through leaks in your roof.  This translates to lower heating and cooling bills.

Best reason ever!
It protects your investment

Your roof is what stands between the elements and what is likely one of the largest investments you will ever make… your home.  Keeping your roof in good repair help prevent leaks that can lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and overall structural problems.  Even a small leak can lead to costly damages over time.

When should I replace my roof?

It’s clear that a good roof is important but how do you know what shape your roof is in?  Sometimes the need to replace a roof is obvious but more often it isn’t.  The best solution is the have a professional roofer take a look but here are some things you can take a look at yourself:
  • Check for signs in the attic
    If you can see the light coming through or you find stains and streaks your roof has failed and you should call a professional roofer immediately.
  • Check for damaged or missing shingles
    Cracked shingles, shingles that don’t lie flat against the roof, and shingles with bald spots where granules are missing are all indicators that your roof is not properly protecting your home.
  • Check for faulty flashing
    Flashing seal the seams around vents, skylights, and chimneys to protect against rain and weather. Cracks or breaks can lead to leaks. Older homes used roof cement or tar for flashing which should be upgraded to metal flashing for a more durable seal.
  • Check your roof's age
    Take a look at your records and see when the roof was last replaced or re-shingled.  If you have a shingle roof that is over 20 years old, it is probably time to get a professional out to take a look.  If you have metal roof, you may be good for 50 years or more
When you decide it is time to call a professional, Esh Builders is ready to help you protect your home.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing provides a lightweight, environmentally friendly solution to protect your home. This type of roofing have an extremely long lifespan and hold up to even the most extreme weather conditions.

We work exclusively with A.B. Martin product lines to ensure you get the absolute best quality metal roof for you money.  Additionally, they offer styles and colors to compliment any home.

Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most widely used roofing material on the market. It is economical, easy to repair, and offers a range of styles and colors that cover almost anything you can imagine.

We work exclusively with GAF, the undisputed industry leader for asphalt shingles. Their wide range of styles and colors is sure to have something that suits your needs and gives your home the look you want.